Hearing about Chengdu With native Chinese characteristics, Chengdu is the provincial capital of Sichuan.It gathers the richest persons, things, objects and feelings of China from downtown to suburbs.Chengduese born in the “Heavenly Land of Plenty” are generally recognized as the best at “enjoying a leisurely life” in China, as evidenced by the tea house on the riverside of Fu River, Majiang known as a Chinese quintessence everywhere and superb winemaking skills……
Traveling Chengdu From the beautiful natural scenery to the ancient streets and towns over thousands of years; from the former residences of celebrities influencing the Chinese culture process to the prosperous city CBD, the pleasant surprises brought to the world by Chengdu are not only the cute animal - panda, but also feelings of love and every step beneath your feet.
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Starred hotels luxury enjoyment Chain hotels places for pausing during your journey with high cost performance Small residences with characteristics the most unusual folk residential experience Youth hostels gathering places for backpackers
Chunxi Road the third biggest shopping pedestrian street in China Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley gathering gift shops with the most Chinese characteristics
Subway Has been opened to line 3 Bus Has been opened to line 3 Aircraft Shuangliu airport Airport shuttle bus Chengdu airport line a total of five lines
Clear Rain
Via ”tianfu” Chengdu public transportation card Consulate in chengdu area The road is located in chengdu consulate
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Surrounding scenic spots
Sanxingdui Ruin Site Huanglongxi Ancient Town Giant Panda Breeding Research Base Pingle Ancient Town China Lane  Liu’s Manor of Dayi