Hearing about Mianyang With a history of over 2200 years, Mianyang has enjoyed the name of “A Pearl on Shu Roads” from ancient times. Throughout the ages, this land has been a talent gathering place and produced many talents, and now is even honored as “China’s most livable city”. Your tour in Mianyang will certainly become an unforgettable experience for you.
Travelling Mianyang Mianyang is an “Excellent Tourism City of China”. The co-existence of high mountains and rivers brings it with steady and flexible dispositions at the same time; works produced by numerous poets and literary men had lasted for over thousands of years. The perfect combination of natural scenery and culture will make you enjoy so much as to forgetting to leave.
Inquiring about Mianyang AccommodationTransportation Weather Tips
  Travel notes
Small residences with characteristics local characteristic folk residential experience Starred hotels luxury enjoyment during your trip
Flight Mianyang Nanjiao Airport Train Mianyang Railway Station
Weather There exists significant morning-night temperature difference.
Note Change your clothing according to the temperature. Taboos Get acquaintance with local customs in advance.
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