Hearing about Guangyuan As the birthplace of Wu Zetian - the only empress in China’s history, Guangyuan is a famous historical city, which was called as “the birthplace of outstanding persons with an air of sanctity” by the ancient scholars. With 2300 years of history, it has become a charming city integrating the history and the modern civilization.
Traveling Guangyuan Guangyuan is the birthplace of Wu Zetian - the only empress in China’s history. “The Martial Barrier Under All Heaven” - Jianmen Pass with graceful natural landscape and outstanding historical culture is located on this land. You can personally experience such excellent integration
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Starred hotels enjoying luxury during the journey. Youth hostels experiencing the local culture and customs.
Taking a bus Guangyuan Long-distance Bus Station Taking a train Guangyuan Railway Station
It is warm and humid here.
Trip Please arrange your route reasonably. Attention Put on or take off your clothes according to the change of temperature.
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