Hearing about Neijiang Neijiang, a city prospered due to sugar production, has long been known as the “sweet city”. The sweet taste of “sugar” is a culture and even a symbol in Neijiang. “Sweet” means the beauty of sweetness. In Neijiang, “sweet” is not only a memory leaved on the tip of the tongue, but also a memory of beautiful sceneries and daily lives, and more a wonderful memory.
Traveling in Neijiang Neijing is a city with mutual fusion of modern vitality and historical culture. Over centuries of rich cultures deposited by local poets and literary men make the natural scenery of the city become more charming with humanistic feelings.
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Attentions Dress right for the weather. Route Make a travel route plan in advance.
Starred hotels enjoy the luxury guest rooms of high quality Local dwellings houses integrate into the local daily lives
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Warm 氣候較溫和
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