Hearing about Guang’an With thousands years of cultural accumulation and massive historical memory, Guang’an has a peculiar karst landform created by nature. It not only has fantastic rare landscapes, but also has colorful cultural landscapes, attracting millions of tourists to enjoy the natural and cultural shocks here.
Traveling in Guang’an As one of the eight Buddhist holy places of China, Guang’an is known as “facing Baoding eastward and facing Emei westward”. With over 200 years of cultural accumulation, it has the most wonderful cultural sceneries all over the world.
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Guang’an Siyuan Hotel which is located in Siyuan Square, Guang’an Guanga’an Malaocheng International Hote which is located in Paifang Road, Guang’an
Train Guang’an Railway Station, which is located in Qianfeng District, Guang’an It has multiple trains bound for Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, etc. every day. Automobile Guang’an Central Passenger Station, which is located in the South Jian’an Road, Development Zone, Guang’an The buses have rolling shifts to the cities in Sichuan as Chengdu, Mianyang, etc.
Weather Guang’an is located in a mid-subtropical humid monsoon climate area with plentiful rain, warm climate and high air humidity.
Seasons Spring is recommended as the best season for traveling. Route Please make a plan in advance.
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