Hearing about Ziyang Ziyang has a long history and rich cultural relics, especially Anyue Stone Carvings which is known as the ”another repository for China’s ancient carvings”. Among the carvings, the carving of Guanyin and Purple Bamboo with a height of 3 meters and exquisite carving skills is praised as the ”Eastern Venus”.
Travelling in Ziyang Ziyang has the grand Pavillian for Master Wuji which is built by the mountain, Jianyang Three Forks Lake listed in the World Famous Lakes, Jianyang Longquan Lake known as ”jade pool under heaven”, Wufeng Mountain Forest Park, etc., resulting in a perfect destination for leisure and holidays.
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Ziyang Tengyu Business Hotel located at Dabei Street, Yanjiang District Ziyang Huochetou Business Hotel located at 2nd North Alley, Yancheng Road Hanting Hotel located at Section 1, Songtao Road Ziyang Gelin Boya Hotel located at Outer Ring Road
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Humid mid- and subtropical monsoon climate Humid mid- and subtropical monsoon climate
Peak seasons: all the year round
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Mt Emei Wawu Mountain Kuan and Zhai Alleys Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage Temple of Marquis Wu Dead Sea of Suining