Liangshan Prefecture
Hearing about Liangshan Prefecture As the largest inhabitation area of Yi people, Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan plays a key role on the Southern Silk Road leading to Yunnan and Southeast Asia. It enjoys the reputation that “A riot of colour sees no fading of the flower, a comfort of climate witnesses unchanged cosiness of the spring.” for its mild climate in four seasons.
Traveling in Liangshan Prefecture The ancient land is to Bashu and central plains in the north and to the border area and foreign countries in the south. On this famous ”South Silk Road”, the ancient bridges cross the rivers as usual, and the plank roads still zigzag the sides of the cliffs. History has left immortal footprint on this land. Especially the Boshiwahei Ancient Rock Paintings of the Wanchang Village of Zhaojue County is a well preserved historical and cultural site of Liangshan Yi nationality showing the Yi nationality’s costume.
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Express hotels Express hotels Dwellings houses Dwellings houses Inn Inn Starred hotels Starred hotels
Train Xichang Railway Station Automobile Xichang Passenger Transportation Center
Warm-temperate humid climate Warm-temperate humid climate
Taboos follow the ethnic customs The best season for traveling four seasons
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Jiuzhaigou Valley Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley Wuhou Memorial Templ Leshan Giant Buddha Shunan Bamboo Sea  Lugu Lake