Hearing about Bazhong Located in Northeastern Sichuan Basin as a central city of Northeast Sichuan, Bazhong, which is known as the “Oxygen Bar in Northeast Sichuan”, has beautiful natural landscapes fusing the spectacularity of North and elegant of South into a cohesive whole. Also, as a famous former revolutionary area, Bazhong is the center and capital of Sichuan-Shaanxi Revolutionary Base. It is also a traffic main artery in ancient Sichuan leading to central plains with the ancient plank road of Micang Mountain winding towards north with plenty passes, bringing about thriving economic activities.
Traveling in Bazhong With high mountains and deep valleys, the scenery here is splendor and magnificent. The deep and winding karst cave of Nuoshui River, the stalactite with various shapes and the mysterious underground stream attract many explorers. The unique climate, the overlapping peaks and great and momentous landscapes of Guangwu Mountain constitute peculiar natural sceneries.
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Characteristic hotels Tujia Sweetome Holiday Inn Dwellings houses Honglv Park Dwellings Houses of Bazhong Starred hotels Characteristic hotels: Tujia Sweetome Holiday InnFelton Gloria Grand Hotel Bazhong Express hotels Ease 158 Hotel Chain
Automobile Tongjiang Bus Passenger Terminal Automobile Yangfeng Bus Passenger Terminal, Bazhong Train Bazhong Railway Station
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