Hearing about Panzhihua Panzhihua is the sole city named after the flower and one of the youngest cities in China, as well as the largest immigrant city in western China. It is as vigorous and young as New York and Miami.It has the third highest dam in the world, the world’s largest acreage of sago palms, the rare radon hot springs, “the first drift along the Yangtze River” and other rich tourism resources. Here, you can feel the rich charms.
Traveling Panzhihua Youth and vigor is the most attractive symbol of Panzhihua along with the unsurpassed natural resources, diverse cultures from all over China, splendid wonders of mountains and rivers and the rich culture sceneries. Let it all, load into your eternal memory.
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Bao’anying Airport Now, there have been the flights to Beijing, Chengdu and Chongqing. Train It can reach Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming and other places directly
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