Seek Spring and Immerse in Flower Sea Seek Spring and Immerse in Flower Sea Plum Blossom – Peach Flower – Magnolia Flower – Pear Flower – Rape Flower Know more
World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites Tour
Panda Habitat World Cultural Heritage Tour One-day Tour Know more
Leshan Giant Buddha-Mt Emei World Cultural Heritage Tour Chengdu- Leshan Giant Buddha-Mt Emei-Chengdu Know more
Huanglong-Jiuzhai Valley World Natural Heritage Loop Tour Chengdu-Jiuzhai Valley-Huanglong-Chengdu Know more
Dujiangyan-Mt Qingcheng World Cultural Heritage Tour Chengdu-Dujiangyan-Mt Qingcheng-Chengdu Know more
Mysterious journey to the West
The most beautiful 318, the most beautiful mood Chengdu - Ya an - Luding - Kangding - Xinduqiao - Yajiang Know more
Revisiting Rock line Chengdu - Four Girls Mountain - Gongga - Daocheng - Aden - Muli Know more
Kangba amorous Quest Chengdu - Ya an - Luding - Yajiang - Litang Know more
In the woods, eye view scenery Chengdu - Danba - Xinduqiao - Daofu - Ganzi - Know more
Wine journey The smell of wine know Sichuan Chengdu,A Mianzhu, Suining,Luzhou,, a Yibin, a Qionglai Know more
Trip of Colorful Chinese New Year Trip of Colorful Chinese New Year Langzhong-Zigong- Lixian-Liangshan-Ganzi Know more
Winter Trip
Fascinating Beauty with Many Winter Sceneries in Sichuan Chengdu-Mount Emei-Leshn-Yibin-Zigong Know more
Relaxing and Health Preserving Trip Chengdu-Daocheng-Cuopugou-Kangding-Danba Know more
Beauty of Winter, Charm of Snow Jiuzhaigou-Four Girls Mountain-Seda-Daocheng Yading-Tagong Grassland Know more
The Fast and the Furious on Snow Chengdu-Maoxian County-Wawu Mountain-Bipeng Valley-Emei Mountain Know more
Special Journey Having Funs in “Ancient Shu” Shu Embroidery Museum ---- An’ren Ancient Town, Dayi County --- Zigong Sichuan Opera Troupe --- Bars in Jiuyanqiao --- Sanxingdui Know more Sichuan, taste 154 bus line Huaxing Street-- Shuangzhazi Street--Guiwangqiao South--Fude Street--Caojiaxiang Alley--Honghua Road South Know more Traveling throughout Sichuan - Across the Distinctive Blocks Dacisi Street----French style street---Yufu ancient street--- Street well known for the culture--- Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall bystreet Know more Traveling with Light & Shadows——Enjoying the Most Beautiful Sichuan in Films Mount Qingcheng -Jiuzhaigou Valley -Xichang- Shunan Bamboo Sea - Kuan and Zhai Alleys Know more
Leisure travel
Enjoy the Sichuan tea, Chinese flavor products Mt. Qingcheng, Chengdu ---- Mount Emei --- Meishan--- Mount Mengding, Ya’an --- Zigong Know more
Panxi Sunshine Tour Chengdu---- Shimian County--- Xichang City-- Gesala, Yanbian County--- Panzhihua Know more
Romantic hot spring tour Xiling Snow Mountain---- Mount Emei--- Ya’an--- Hailuogou Valley--- Leshan Know more
Summer cool resort Dujiangyan---- Qionglai--- Ya’an--- Leshan--- Yibin Know more
National Tour
Feelings of the Plateau -- a journey to the culture of fine cashmere Li County---- Maerkang--- Jinchuan County-- Danba Town--- Xiaojin Area Know more
- ABA scenic tour clouds on the nation Chengdu - Mianyang - Beichuan County - Pingwu County - Maoxian - Wenchuan - Chengdu Lixian Know more
State of Liangshan Chengdu - Xichang - Yanyuan - Lugu Lake -Muli Know more
Food tour
Not the same national food, not the same cultural experience Xichang - Kangding - Barkam - Chengdu Know more
One day eat Sichuan dishes Wenshufang - Southern District - Chunxi Road - Jinli Street - Yulin - KELONG Road Know more
The birthplace of the authentic taste of dishes Leshan - Chengdu - Zigong - Neijiang - Nanchong - Dazhou - Chengdu Know more
Outdoor experience tour The most beautiful photography Tour Chengdu - Barkam - Guanyin Bridge - Jinchuan - Road - Danba - Xinduqiao - Chengdu - Liziping asbestos Know more Most beautiful terrace Chengdu - Nanchong - Langzhong city - Zhou Town - Pingchang County - stone terrace-Chengdu Know more The original ecological beauty Chengdu-Yaan - asbestos-shad-yajiageng-Moxi town-Yaan - Chengdu - Hanyuan Know more The wizard of Oz Chengdu-Neijiang - Zigong - Yibin - Luzhou - Chengdu Know more Ice and snow feast Chengdu - Xiling Snow Mountain - wawoshan - Hailuogou - MUGECUO - Dagu glacier - Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu Know more
Mystery Tour Lugu Lake Theme Route Tour Chengdu-Mt Gongmu Tourism Zone-Lugu Lake Tourism Zon-Chengdu Know more Maerkang: The Secret Area of Jiarong Chengdu- Zhuokeji- Maerkang County- Songgang Town- Dazang Temple- Maerkang-Chengdu Know more Daocheng Yading Loop Tour Chengdu-Ya’an-Luding-Kangding-Xinduqiao-Yajiang-Litang-Daocheng Daocheng Tour Yading Tour The Holy Mountains, Milk Sea, and Five-Color Lake-Chengdu Know more Red Leaves Tour One-day Red Leaves Tour: Chengdu-Gucheng Red Leaves Tourism Zone-Chengdu Two-day Red Leaves Tour: Chengdu-Miyaluo Red Leaves Tourism Zone-Chengdu Know more Hailuogou Glacier Theme Tour Chengdu-Hailuogou Hailuogou Tour -Chengdu Know more
Challenge Tours
Mt Siguniang Climbing Tour Chengdu-Changping Valley Haizi Valley Return to Chengdu Know more
Self-Drive Tour in the Western Sichuan Plateau Ruoergai and the Fairy Pool Living fossil of ancient Qiang culture Moon Bay in Miyaluo Flower Lake-Chengdu Know more
Enchanting Hanyuan Self-Driving Trip Chengdu-Niba Mountain- Qingxi Ancient Town- Jiuxiang Ancient Town- Hanyuan New Town- Dadu River Gorge National Geological Park-Chengdu Know more
South Sichuan Tour
Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea Tour Chengdu-Yibin-Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea   Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea Return to Chengdu Know more
Study Trip to Southern Sichuan The First Place: Leshan The Second Place: Yibin The Third Place: Luzhou The Fourth Place: Zigong The Fifth Place: Neijiang Know more
Cuisine Tours
Food Tour of Sichuan Food Tour of Sichuan Know more
Collection of Snacks in Chengdu 1-Day Food Tour: Lai Glutinous Rice Ball 1-Day Food Tour: Sichuan Pancake Stuffed with Marinated Pork Know more
Cultural Tours
Trip to Well-Know Mountain and Tea of Sichuan Mt. Emei Mengding Mountain Mt. Qingcheng Know more
Three Kingdoms Culture Tour Wuhou Temple Three Kingdoms Culture Two-day Tour: Chengdu-Jianmen Pass Tourism Zone Know more
Southern Sichuan Silk Road Tour Chengdu-Qionghai Lushan Tourism Zone-Mt Luoji Tourism Zone-Ertan National Forest Park Return to Chengdu Know more
Ancient Shu Culture Tour Ancient Shu Culture One-day Tour: Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage-Jinsha Site Museum-Sichuan Museum Know more
Urban Tour 
Chengdu Leisure Tour Route: Wenshufang-China Lane-Qintai Road Know more
Eco-Tour of Ya’an Bifeng Gorge-Jinfeng Temple Mengding Mountain-Shangli Ancient Town Know more
Ancient Town Tour
Tour in Ancient Towns in Suburban Chengdu Huanglongxi Ancient Town Luodai Ancient Town Jiezi Ancient Town Pingle Ancient Town Know more
Tour in other Ancient Towns Ancient Towns in Eastern Sichuan In Eastern Sichuan In Western Sichuan In Southern Sichuan In Northern Sichuan Know more