Traveling throughout Sichuan Across the Distinctive Blocks With both accumulation of history and beauty of trend, Sichuan is prolonging the ancient civilization and modern charm. With unique combination of splendid ancient Shu culture with “slow” life, Sichuan will verify all your imagination about China in all ages.
  • Traffic bus Self driving Chartered
  • Food braised pork with soy sauce meat and vegetables on the sizzling plate potato pieces
  • Recommended scenic spots China-France Bridge built in 1893 Annunciation Convent decorated in the combination of Chinese and Western forms Christianity church religious activity place gathering the religious people
  • Accommodation youth hostels folk guest rooms starred hotels
Step 3Yufu ancient street
Step 4Street well known for the culture
Step 5Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall bystreet
Self driving
house special pancake
wolf tooth-shaped potato
Walking in Nanjiao Park one of the oldest parks in Chengdu.
Watching Sichuan Opera one-hundred-year art treasures.
youth hostels
starred hotels