Different Delicacies, Different Cultural Experiences China has 55 ethnic minorities, which all express their own unique charm over the long history of time. Different delicacies constitute different culture. It is these various types of food culture of different ethnic minorities that constitute the world-famous Chinese delicacy culture.
  • Self-drive 5 hours drive from Chengdu. Taking a Chartered bus Kangding is 383km away from Chengdu and you can take a chartered bus to go there. Taking a bus You can take a bus to go to Kangding from Chengdu Tourist Distributing Center, where several shifts are provided each day.
  • Tsampa the most authentic Tibetan food. Butter tea Tibetan’s daily drinks. Chang highland barley wine.
  • Mugecuo Paoma Mountain Xindu Bridge
  • Kangding Yujing Xuelian Boutique Hotel Located at Building B3, Dongguan, Lucheng Town Kangding Kangba Hotel Located at Yulin Road, Kangding New City. Kangding Lam-Ze Lin-Ka Hotel Located at Dongguan, Kangding New City.
Step 3 Danba
Self-driveIt takes 4 hours to arrive at Hongyuan from Barkam.
Taking a chartered busHongyuan is nearly 300km away from Barkam and you can take a chartered bus to go there.
Yak milkwith high nutrition.
Noodles boiled with pickled cabbagesTibetan-style traditional supper.
Hongyuan Moon Bay
Hongyuan Prairie
Hongyuan Prairie Yinzhu HotelLocated at Yinzhu Square, Yinzhu East Road
Hongyuan Shenglong Grand HotelLocated at Ruiqing Middle Road.