Photography Tours Western Sichuan is a fascinating “paradise of photography” and a picturesque land of idyllic beauty. You will see magical lights, endless prairie, winding streams, golden cypresses and poplars and rolling mountains, with Tibetan villages spreading in the places and flocks and herds eating grasses quietly. With fabulous views, the prairie in Western Sichuan is a fascinating “world of lights and shadows” and “paradise of photography”.
  • Alibaba Tibetan Barbecue the authentic Tibetan barbecue Jinchuan Wild Mushroom Hotpot vivid expression of Tibetan feelings Erma Renjia Sightseeing Restaurant a place to taste delicious food and view beautiful sceneries
  • Chaosijia Guanyin Temple a temple offering sacrifices to the famous Guanyin with Four Arms and is titled as ”the second Potala Palace”. Oudu temple one of the 12 spots of Guanyinqiao, an ancient temple of Tibetan Buddhism Longda platform a place where you can enjoy the nice views of Guanyinqiao and which is perfect for photography.
  • Taking a bus Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station– Jinchuan County– Guanyinqiao Town Self-drive it is about 70km away from Barkam. Taking a chartered bus 200- 500yuan/ day.
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Step 3 Jinchuan
Butter tea a common Tibetan drink with rich tastes.
Tsampaas a kind of traditional staple food of Tibetan with unique fragrance, it tastes extremely delicious when eaten with butter tea.
Ten Mile Decorated Corridor the indeed “corridor for photographers” with fabulous views.
Tagong Prairiea pure pastoral prairie with nice views. It also has the famous Tagong Temple.
Self-driveit is 148km and 10 hours drive from Danba.
Taking a chartered bus200- 500yuan/ day.
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