The Most Beautiful Terraces Terraces are the embodiment of human’s imagination and creativity when coping with natural environment, and are models for harmonious coexistence of man and nature. Especially in spring when it is time to sow seeds, the terraces of different sizes and shapes are full of clean water, presenting vigorous rural views for you. Nowadays, terraces are not only supporters for life, but also for aesthetics. So take your cameras, follow our footsteps to explore the most beautiful terraces.
Step 2 Langzhong Ancient City
  • Fenghuang corns original and self-produced golden corns in Laoguan mountain areas Fenghuang rice tofu- traditional delicacy in Langzhong Xiaolongbao with chili oil characteristic xiaolongbao (a kind of steamed bun) eaten with chili oil
  • Yutai Mountain Stone Towers unique structures which shock the heritage and construction fields Cuiping Mountain Scenic Area known as the ”palace and wonderland” and ”river and mountain with the best views under heaven” Han Huan Hou Temple the temple in memory of the famous Shu Han general Zhangfei during Three Kingdoms period
  • Taking a bus Nanchong-- Langzhong, direct shuttle buses are provided in Nanchong Northern Bus Station Self-driving Nanchong-- Langzhong, 1.5 hours drive
  • Langzhong Dujia Inn located at Xiaxin Street, Ancient City District Langzhong Blossom Hill Hotel located at Wumiao Street, Ancient City District Langzhong Samsara Hotel located at Langshui East Road, Langzhong
Step 3 Zhouzi Ancient Town
Tile-like gray chicken in Zhenlong Mountainlocal specialty
Bazhong cured meat the most popular delicacy in Bazhong
Bishan Terraceslooks like the staff world of musicians.
Longshan Mountainexhilarating mountains views
Taking a train4.5 hours ride from Nanchong.
Self-driving it is 234km and 3 hours drive from Nanchong.
Bazhong Xingzhou Hotellocated at Xingzhou Street, Jiangbei Avenue
Bazhong Jiangbei Hotellocated at Middle Section, Jiangbei Avenue, Bazhou District