Greenland Journey A place covered with green grasses and a place with water and sky blended together. When you are in the western Sichuan, you may have an eyeful of bustling cities, or poetic and picturesque greenlands. Forget the worries in city and take a green journey.
  • Banbanqiao fried glutinous rice cake a popular folk snack in Neijiang. Super fragrant chicken a snack with rich folk flavors. Cold glutinous rice cake a famous Sichuan snack with distinctive and fabulous taste.
  • Baiyun Mountain known as the paradise under heaven Shengshui Temple a spring is located in the back peak which will flow all the year round and hence is regarded as the “holy spring” Chonglong Mountain known for its “tortuous mountain roads which resemble movement of dragons”
  • Taking a bus Neijiang Long-distance Bus Station Self-drive it is 181km and 2 hours’ drive from Chengdu. Taking a train it takes 1 hour from Chengdu East Railway Station or Chengdu North Railway Station.
  • Wanda Realm Neijiang located at No. 888, Qixia Road Neijiang Binjiang Huayuan Hotel located in Minzu Road, Liuduanjin Cupid Love Hotel located at Building 1, Wanda, Dongxing District
Step 3 Zigong
Luzhou white cakea traditional local snack in Sichuan
Lizhuang plain boiled porka famous cold dish in Sichuan
Taiping Ancient Townfamous ancient town in western Sichuan.
Naxifang Mountainconsidered as the “most famous mountain in southeastern areas”.
Taking a flight Luzhou Lantian Airport, which provides flights to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. at present.
Taking a busLuzhou passenger transport center, which provides buses bounding for Chengdu and other cities in Sichuan every day
Luzhou Jiucheng Hotellocated at No. 71, Shangpingyuan Road
Luzhou Nanyuan Hotellocated at No. 1, South Section of Dashanping Road