Feasts on Ice and Snow The summer of Sichuan is the combination of ice and fire filled with magic. When stepping on the ground, you’ll be infected by the enthusiastic atmosphere and enjoy a free heart and a fabulous revelry. You will also feel the quietness and leisure, leading you to think about your life and recall the past. No matter in day or at night, no matter it is quiet or enthusiastic, you will find your own happiness here. In this summer, take yourself on a journey and find another self.
Step 1 Xiling Snow Mountain
  • Dongpo fish known for its origin place which is the hometown to Su Dongpo (known as “the first scholar through the ages”). Dried beef tribute dish in ancient China known as wonder of Chinese delicacy. Sesame cake famous traditional snack of China which occupies an important position in the cake culture.
  • Mountains the main peak covering 10km2 above the mountains with cliffs all around it. Large waterfalls enjoy “the splendid music played in heaven”. Snowfield with ice cascade mysterious wonder takes you into a wonderland.
  • Taking a bus 56 shifts are provided from Chengdu to Hongya, where you can rent a car to arrive at Wawu Mountain Self-drive it is 234km and 5.5 hours drive from Chengdu. Taking a chartered bus 100- 300yuan/ day.
  • Characteristic hotels Dwellings houses
Step 3 Hailuo Valley
Dried yak meat the original and natural flavor which symbolizes wisdom of highlanders.
Noodles boiled with pickled cabbages Tibetan-style traditional supper which is an indispensable dish to treat guests.
Dongcuo Sun and Moon Lakeit shines like a large blue diamond embedded on the snow-covered plateau.
Dongtianmenlocated at the hinterland of the glacier and is named because the pass of the main peak resembles a door.
Self-driveit is 481km and 13 hours drive from Kangding.
Taking a bus set off from Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station where 2 shifts are provided each day.
Dwellings houses