Exploration in Kangba —Narration of Magic Stories Kangba culture, precious treasure of Chinese culture, originates from human worship to the nature. It has inspiring hero stories and a culture with characteristics of customs in western Sichuan. For centuries, it is now still emitting unique light, shining with light from the new era, in the rapid developed world and under great shock of modern civilization.
  • Transportation from Chengdu buses chartered vehicles self-driving
  • Delicacies Ya’an Fish in casserole sauce marinated chicken sauce chop
  • Recommended resorts Shenmu base treasure among national forest parks. Mengshan Mountain search for origination of Chinese tea culture. Jinfeng Temple a remained characteristic building along the long history.
  • Accommodation hostels guesthouses starred hotels
Step 3 Luding
chartered vehicles
dough slices boiled with pickled cabbage
beef offal of snow mountains
Genie Scenic Areapure land on earth
Maoya Prairie various kinds of charm as season changes
characteristic guesthouses
Tibetan lodges