Fascinating Beauty with Many Winter Sceneries in Sichuan Sichuan was called “the land of abundance” in the past. There, tourism resources are richly endowed by nature. In such a Sichuan honored as a food paradise, it is the best to come here in winter; you can get away from coldness with hot pot. In the winter, you can come to Sichuan to appreciate beautiful sceneries, taste characteristic food, and experience a warm-heart trip.
  • Frozen Cake Characteristic snack in Emei Nourishing Food A famous nourishing soup at the local place Leaf Wrapped Rice Fragrant, soft and delicious with strong taste and delicate flavor
  • On the golden peak of Mount Emei Graceful and magnificent snow scenery Ski Resort on Mount Emei The first ski resort in Sichuan Wannian Temple It is one of eight temples on Mount Emei. With the
  • Hotel Jinding Hotel at Mount Emei Resort Natural Wake Resort Restaurant Qixiangju Restaurant at Leidongping Scenic Spot at Mount Emei
Step 3Leshan
Zheng WotonIt features mixing, seasoning and spices.
Poached Sliced BeefA traditional famous dish in Zigong was selected into Chinese Menu in 1981.
Dinosaur Museum in ZigongThe place where it collects and shows most dinosaur fossils of Jurassic Period in the world so far
Xianshi Ancient Town“The town was set up for salt”. It has long been known as “The First Town at the Time of Salt Transportation in China”.