Wash away Troubles and Forget Worries In China, taking a bath in the hot spring is a kind of nature therapy; it can tranquilize the mind and be good for the physical and psychological health. Sichuan owns rich resources of hot spring. The spring water soaks each inch of skin. The hot air flows upward and fills the snow world, which makes people feel like living on a fairyland and closely touch the nature at the same time of relaxing.
  • Rubuchaka Hot Spring Village The water of hot spring contains calcium; it feels soft and smooth. Aden It is honored as “the soul of Shangri-la”. Mountain Haizi The largest fossil ice site on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
  • Delicious Food 酸中帶甜,有「藏式啤酒」之稱 Highland Barley Wine It is acid sweet, and known as “Tibet-style Beer” Yoghurt Local Tibet-style yoghurt
  • Inn Homestay Hotel
Step 3Cuopugou
DanglingDangling has three characteristics: autumnal leaves, hot springs and lakes
Yak Gorge Hot SpringThere is a local folk custom of Tibetan, that is, taking a bath in the hot spring without wearing any clothes.
Fragrant Pig’s LegLocal specialty in Danda
Lute MeatThe food of Pumi and Naxi nationalities
Youth Hotel