Beauty of Winter, Charm of Snow In winter, though there are not singing birds and fragrant flowers of spring, strong enthusiasm of summer, and red maple leaves of autumn, it still has a beauty of quietness and cleanness. If you come to Sichuan in winter, you can watch the mountain top covered by snow and the blue water, and experience a soul purifying trip.
  • Balang Mountain One characteristics is its winding road. Changping Valley Ride a white horse to watch snow scenery Youngest Sister Peak It is a boundary gate to test the body and soul of climber.
  • Wild Fungus It is natural and fresh with wide varieties. Roast Whole Lamb The skin is fragrant and crisp; the meat quality is fine and tender. Fritillaria Stewed Chicken Nutritious and healthy
  • Youth Hostel Inn Hotel
Step 3Seda
Tagong TempleIt is an important holy land for Tibetan to worship.
Yala Snow Mountain It is one of four holy mountains in Tibet, China.
Buttered Tea
Manual Yak Yoghurt