Trip of Colorful Chinese New Year Sichuan Province is the largest Yi nationality concentrated area, the second largest Tibetan nationality concentrated area and the only one Qiang nationality concentrated area in the country. The ethnic diversity makes the cultures diversified in Sichuan. Many nationalities have their own New Year. Here, you can feel different New Years celebrated by different nationalities and have a colorful Chinese New Year.
  • Colorful Lamp Park in Zigong Feilong Gorge Salt History Museum
  • 火邊子牛肉 Red Thin Beef Fushun Tofu Pudding Niufo Pork Joint
  • Tanmulin Urban Celebrity Hotel Huidong Hotel Yingxiang Jinjiang International Hotel
Step 3Lixian
Danba County
Kangding County
Tibetan-style Mixed Rice Pudding
Curd Cheese Cake
Kangba Hotel
Herui Buke Yard Inn