Looking for the Most Beautiful Hot Springs in Sichuan China is one of the countries which have the most hot springs in the world, and one of the earliest countries which have developed and utilized the hot springs, so that the hot spring culture of China is very influential in the world. Sichuan has many famous hot spring resorts. In the water vapor transpiration, the warm water slowly penetrates into the skin, so that the body and mind get relaxed to the greatest extent. There exist many beautiful sceneries along the way looking for the best hot springs.
  • Tofu pudding chicken in spicy and hot sauce in pottery bowl Yeerba (cakes wrapped in special leaves)
  • Golden Summit with copper casting statue far bigger than anyone that comes later Shifang Puxian Icon the highest golden Buddha in the world Wanfo Summit the highest peak on Mount Emei
  • Self-driving The whole journey is 200km from Xiling Snow Mountain to Mount Emei by self-driving. Taking a chartered bus It takes 2h from Xiling Snow Mountain to Mount Emei by chartered bus. Taking a bus Every day, there are scheduled buses from Dayi Passenger Station to Mount Emei.
  • Anantara Emei Resort Hotel It is located at Emeishan Museum, No. 8, Southern Section of Shanhu Road Emei Tianyi Hot Spring Resort Hotel It is located at No. 1, Hot Spring Avenue, Emeishan City (near to the gate to Mount Emei). CollectionHome Resorts, Emeishan City It is located at No. 9 Courtyard of Emei Courtyard, Xiuhu Avenue (near to Xiuhu Avenue).
Step 3Ya’an
Qiaojiao Beef (stockpot loved by so many people that they sit outside on the steps with legs crossed to eat it in the case that there are no enough seats inside)
duck breast braised with tender ginger
Giant Buddha at Leshanthe largest stone carving statue on the cliff surface in China.
Heizhugou Valleyknown as “China’s Bermuda”.
Self-drivingThe whole journey is 320km from Hailuogou to Leshan by self-driving.
Taking a chartered busIt takes 5hr from Hailuogou to Leshan by chartered bus.
Guli Inn, LeshanIt is located at No. 598, Bishan Road, Shizhong District, Leshan City.
Jinye • Chanyi Resort Hotel, LeshanIt is located in Area A, Jiadingfang Ancient Street within Giant Buddha Scenic Area (near to the ticket hall of Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area).