Sunshine Journey in Panzhihua and Xichang Keep going west, to the warmest place in Sichuan. Throughout the journey, it is in full sunlight with a year-round sunshine time of 2400hr. In the winter, it is a fairyland of the over-wintering migrant birds with many colorful flowers and plenty of sunshine, so as to make the beautiful scenery of the Nature full of vigor throughout the year. Feeling the brightest sunshine in Sichuan makes you wild with joy along the way.
  • Shimian barbecue Shimian loquat tofu-shaped almond
  • Anshunchang Ferry its topography is very dangerous Tianwanhe Scenic Area the “Snow Mountain of Sunrise” scenery is very spectacular. Shangli Ancient Town one of China’s ten ancient towns
  • Self-driving It takes 2h from Chengdu to Shimian, Ya’an. Taking a chartered bus The whole journey is 300km from Chengdu to Shimian, Ya’an, and you can go there by chartered bus. Taking a bus Every day, there are 8 shifts of buses from Chengdu Passenger Station to Shimian, Ya’an.
  • Ya’an Bifeng Hotel It is located at Taohua Alley, Yucheng District, Ya’an City. Meile Village Inn It is located within Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area. Ya’an Yaquan Inn It is located at Hongjun Street, Shangli Ancient Town.
Step 3Xichang City
Self-drivingIt takes 2hr from Gesala to Panzhihua by self-driving.
Taking a chartered busThe whole journey is 160km from Gesala to Panzhihua, and you can go there by chartered bus.
Rice noodle with mutton
Tuo Tuo Pork
Miyi Longtan Karst Cave Scenic Areathe climate is warm and pleasant.
Hongge Hot Spring praised as “a Famous Spring in PanzhihuaXichang Region”.
Panzhihua Huacheng HotelIt is located in Liantong Street, Renhe District.
Panzhihua Jinhaimingdu HotelIt is located at Airport Road, East District.