Seeking for the Purity of Sichuan The Journey of the Yi nationality’s custom in Liangshan Prefecture Departing Chengdu, passing Xichang, Yanyuan, Lugu Lake and Muli, then back to Chengdu in the end. You will drive on the most magnificent way - “Ya’an-Xichang Expressway” all the way to experience the sense of fairy tale by driving in the cloud and mist. In addition to this, you also can see all kinds of customs of Yi nationality, one of the most famous lakes in China - Lugu Lake and the Satellite Launch Center of China. Now, let’s start off together.
  • Transportation (from Chengdu to Xichang) By train from Chengdu North Railway Station; 6 shifts/day By airplane from Shuangliu Airport to Xichang Qingshan Airport; uncertain shift By bus from Chengdu East Bus Station or Shiyangchang Bus Station; 23 shifts/day
  • Food Barbecue Drunk Shrimp Rice Noodles
  • Recommended scenic spots Xichang Satellite Launch Center “Houston in China” Qionghai Lake it is honored as the “Pearl of the Orient” by Marco Polo, the Italy traveler. Luoji Mountain the rare well-preserved quaternary glaciations
  • Accommodation star hotel tavern Youthotel
Transportation (from Lugu Lake to Muli)by chartered bus
Flagstone pancakes
buttered tea
E-ya Villagea huge living fossil. A variety of marriage system exists: monogamy, polyandry and polygamy, etc.
Qialang Duoji Snow Mountain the world’s most famous Buddhist holy land and 108 people from different countries cannot board the peak.
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