the Most Beautiful 318, the Most Beautiful Feelings A glimpse of the past of America can be got from No. 66 highway, while the Chinese feelings can be told from No. 318 national road. The No. 66 highway of America and the No. 318 national road of China both possess a profound meaning to promote the development of history. With the total length of 5476km, No. 318 national road is rated as “Chinese Landscape Avenue” by Chinese National Geographic Magazine. “Different weathers among different mountains, four seasons in one day”, the world class highway landscape will bring you a journey full of surprises.
  • Transportation (from Chengdu to Ya’an) Bus Xinnanmen Bus Station, Shiyangchang Bus Station, rolling shifts every day.
  • Food Cai’s Sauced Duck Earthen Pot boiled Ya’an Fish Da Da Noodles
  • Recommended scenic spots Bifeng Gorge the fascinating legend of Nv Wa creating the world Mengding Mountain the “Holy Mountain of World Tea Culture”, it is named due to “misty rain”. Shangli Ancient Town to find the Southern Silk Road
  • Recommended scenic spots star hotel tavern Youthotel
by busfrom Kangding Bus Station; 5 shifts/day
Yak Meat
Highland Barley Wine
Curie TempleBuddhist treasure transferring rich cultural
Yala Snow Mountainone of the four Holy Mountains in Tibetan region of China, a natural landscape painting of snow mountains and grassland
B & B多家特色藏式客栈供您选择
  • Bus by chartered bus Self driving Caution!
  • Food Buttered Tea Yak Meat Highland Barley Wine
  • Kangba Men Village showing the robustness and fitness of Kangba men Jianziwan Mountain one of the highest mountains in Kangba district with the altitude of 4659m The Ancient Tea Horse Road rich and mysterious Kangba humanities landscapes
  • star hotel tavern Youthotel