Revisit to Rock Route More than 70 years ago, famous American adventurer Joseph F. Rock discovered a forgotten wonderland. Lock Route, recommended as a five-star route by National Geographic Magazine, is treated as the most classic route for exploration on foot by adventurers. Daocheng Yading, one of its important resorts, is listed into the MAB protection program of UN.In the long history, this “Garden Glanced by the God” has always emitting a mysterious scent, triggering everyone’s curiosity. The stories here may become more splendid for your stepping onto this place.
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  • Tibetan tea yak meat roast whole lamb
  • Yaomei Peak nice title of “Queen of Shushan Mountain” Haizi Valley looking for ancient traces here Changping Valley coexistence of ethnic culture and unique superb sceneries
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yellow wine
pancakes baked on slate
Baishui Rivertrue presentation of lost horizon
Shuiluo Villageexploring fantastic local marriage customs
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