Know Sichuan with Liquor China is one of the earliest liquor-making countries in the world, and liquor has a strong presence in five thousand years of Chinese history. Fragrance of liquor comes from Shu (mainly in today’s Sichuan). With picturesque scenery and outstanding personalities, Sichuan can be called as a treasured place for making good liquor. Just as Bordeaux in France, Sichuan is the place of origin for many kinds of famous liquor. So please come to Sichuan, to feel the beautiful scenery, taste the good liquor and enjoy the distinctive travel experience.
Step 1 Chengdu Shuijing Street
  • Transportation from Chengdu to Mianzhu taking a bus self-driving taking a chartered car
  • Liquor series “Dongfanghong” “Jiannanchun Guobao” “Diancang 30 years”
  • Recommended experience Cellar the key to making liquor. Ancient liquor cellar cluster the greatest scale in the world. Yufei Spring making good liquor with water from the famous spring in China.
  • Accommodation youth hostels folk guest rooms starred hotels
Step 3 Suining Tuopai
taking a bus
Wuliangchun (lower grade)
Wuliangchun (higher grade)
Wuliangye old cellar siteinheriting traditional Chinese making skill.
Inspecting and learning from Wuliangye distillerythe thousand-year-old liquor fragrance directly towards your face.
starred hotels
express hotels